YJI Brings Together Readers Worldwide

Our YJI blog is one of the ways we try to reach out to our readers and supporters and hopefully win over many new ones. It’s also a way to introduce ourselves to potential new students and help keep current students and alumi connected to YJI and to each other.
It’s fun to see where our blog readers are in the world. Thanks to statistics provided by Google, we can see what countries are checking in with us.
In the past week, we’ve had readers from the following places: India, Egypt, the United Kingdom, Canada, Sri Lanka, Germany, Jersey, China, Pakistan and the United States.
At other times in recent weeks, additional people in Japan, Iraq, the Philippines and France have scoped out YJI’s blog.
We are happy to have all of them — and YOU — as a reader. We welcome you, your comments and questions and hope you will check back often!