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A lot to love and learn from in ‘Jenifa’s Diary’

Coastal Road, THE GAMBIA – The Nigerian comedy-drama “Jenifa’s Diary” is a television series created to entertain and educate the rising generations, a Nigerian actress, writer, producer and director, is the is executive producer of the series, which launched its first episode in April, 2015. She also stars in the series as the title character.

Funke Akindele’s photo from her official Twitter account.

In the show, Jenifa is a very funny character who speaks broken English. She’s a happy lady who doesn’t care about anything at all. She’s a young woman trying to survive.

In the show, Jenifa came from the village of Ayeroto to the city of Lagos to study. She found her friend Toyosi and squats with her in a hostel.

Jenifa is talented, brave, hardworking and determined. Despite her bad English, that doesn’t stop her from associating with people who speaks correct English. Her friends Toyosi and Kiki (Lota Chukwu) always correct her despite the jokes they make out of her and the fun they have when she speaks her bad English.

When watching this series movie, you’ll laugh, learn and enjoy. Despite the fact that you’re been entertained, you’ll have been educated as well.

Toyosi wants Jenifa to learn and improve her English. She even registered her to join the Adult Education but too bad for Toyosi because Jenifa refuses to go to school.

Jenifa starts hunting for different job opportunities, but none work out for her. She went from one thing to another, from school to hairdressing, to music, to being a chaperone to a car driver.

Then she begins doing home service hairdressing. She just wants to survive. That’s the spirit I like about her the most. She’s a good and brilliant hair dresser that after she does your hair for the first time, you’ll want her to do it always.

Jenifa never minds her business – she’s always commenting on things that don’t concern her. She’s also a thief. And she wants to have everything that her friends have. She is a good cook, which all her mates love. She teaches viewers a lot of lessons.

The show would have never been so fun and enjoyable without the “Nicki O” salon where Jenifa works as a stylist with the funniest characters. So many crazy and interesting things happen in the salon, and Jenifa knows everything that’s going on and is the mastermind of every trouble there.

Esther (Jumoke Aderounmu) is also another troublesome character who threatens everyone in the saloon including the manager.

There’s a lot of drama, but “Jenifa’s Diary” teaches morals and African culture. If you’re watching, you’ll know that it is not just a comedy, but it also has a lot of messages to tell.

Mariama Barry is a Reporter with Youth Journalism International.

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