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After The Blizzard, People Are Digging Out

Footprints in the snow Sunday morning after a blizzard hit Lorton, Virginia, where this photo was taken, and other East Coast communities on Saturday. (Tamar Gorgadze/YJI)

Saturday afternoon, the blizzard the U.S. East Coast was in full swing in Alexandria, Virginia. (Mirwais Kakar/YJI)


Walkers traverse a neighborhood in Lorton, Virginia, where this photo was taken, on Sunday morning.  (Tamar Gorgadze/YJI)


Snowplows have cleared the street, but residents have yet begun to shovel out in this photo, taken Sunday morning in Lorton, Virginia. (Tamar Gorgadze/YJI)

Snow piles up in Lorton, Virginia as residents begin to shovel out on Sunday after Saturday’s blizzard. (Tamar Gorgadze/YJI)


On Saturday afternoon, the snow was piling up around cars parked at an Alexandria, Virginia apartment complex. (Mirwais Kakar/YJI)

The morning after the storm, a wooded area next to a Lorton, Virginia neighborhood is bright and crisp with fresh snow. (Tamar Gorgadze/YJI)

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