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Albany, Oregon: family fun and a beautiful historic carousel

Albany, Oregon's historic carousel. (McKenzie Andersen/YJI)

Albany, Oregon, U.S.A. – My hometown of Albany, Oregon, is a place full of history, fun things for families to do and generous, kind-hearted people.

The Monteith brothers, who came upon this spot in 1847 and purchased the land, named Albany after Albany, New York, their hometown. According to the city’s website, the 2021 population of Albany was 57,199.

Sybaris, a restaurant in downtown Albany. (McKenzie Andersen/YJI)

The town is filled with beautiful old homes. There are a lot of antique shops and miscellaneous businesses that make up downtown Albany. Between food, shopping, and entertainment, downtown has a lot to offer.

One of the biggest things in this community is its heart and its ability to come together in hard times, whether it’s building a home from the ground up through rain or shine or helping a random person in need.

Albany citizens also help businesses and families in need, even coming together to help other communities struggling after natural disasters. They do everything needed when it comes down to it, to help those in need.

These people are amazing, kind, and generous with their time and energy. It is really dumbfounding how quickly they come together in whatever circumstances.

This community spirit led to the creation more than 15 years in the making of the Albany Historic Carousel and Museum in downtown Albany. People can host events there and concessions are available.

You can do sponsorships or memberships and there are a wide variety of parties and events held there.
Town residents can also apply to be a part of the volunteering staff at the Albany Historic Carousel and Museum Carousel.

With that also comes the ability to spread joy and making others happy.

Timber Linn Park. (McKenzie Andersen/YJI)

On the carousel museum’s website, you can apply for a job and find volunteering opportunities.
For families, Albany has River Rhythms which is a series of summer concerts at Monteith Riverpark.

They host all genres of bands, such as rock, country, and pop. It is free to go to a concert there, but the city encourages people to donate to help with the cost and to keep the event going in the future.

Shows are held all throughout July and August on Thursday nights.

For 70 years, Albany has also been host to one of the largest Veterans Day Parades around. A section of Timber Linn Park is home to a veterans memorial wall and prisoner of war tribute area.  There are a lot of events held there to honor our veterans.

Another big event in Albany is the Northwest Art and Air Festival, held in August at the Timber Linn Park. This is a hot air balloon festival with concerts, art and food vendors and lots of fun family activities.

The most beautiful part of it is the Night Glow of the hot air balloons. The festival ends with an early morning lift off of all the amazing hot air balloons.

These are some of the wonderful things I love about Albany, Oregon, my hometown!

McKenzie Andersen is a Junior Reporter with Youth Journalism International.

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