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Mahsa Amini: it wasn’t about her clothes

Christine Marinho/YJI

DHAKA – In which god’s world is it fair to kill a woman like this?

When I read about the death last week of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year old Iranian woman’s in police custody in Tehran, I felt aghast. No lives should have been lost like this.

Recently, in Bangladesh a mob harassed a girl in public for wearing “indecent” clothes. Her offense? She was only wearing a sleeveless top. She was chastised publicly for her outfit.

If we peek into the other side of the globe, then — what was Mahsa Amini’s crime? She didn’t cover her hair “properly.”

In France, a video last spring showed two police officers assaulting two women in hijabs.

It’s never about the length of our clothes. It’s never about the length of our sleeves or hijab. It has always been about the authorities ruling women’s bodies. It has always been about them governing our bodies and taking that autonomy from us.

It’s horrifying to even think about these incidents in this day and age. When women are moving and contributing so much to our society, why are women in so many countries still being chastised for their outfits?

Why are we still debating about what women should and shouldn’t wear?

Why are we losing young bright minds over unjust rules?

Why do we have men dictating and policing our bodies?

Why do we have to live in fear for our lives for not complying with unfair rules?

We must stand up for our sisters around the world. We must come together to speak up. From France to Iran, from the U.S.A to Bangladesh – we must remember that we are fighting for our freedom – freedom of choice.

Usraat Fahmidah is a Reporter with Youth Journalism International from Bangladesh. She wrote this commentary.

Christine Marinho is a Junior Reporter and Senior Illustrator with Youth Journalism International from Houston, Texas. She made the illustration.

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