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AP classes could be ticket to college

Port Jefferson Station, New York, U.S.A. — Advanced Placement classes are often said to be the toughest courses you could ever experience in high school.

They are, after all, supposed to prepare you for what college is like.

If you have the chance — and the grades — to take one, you should sign up for an AP class.

Though some students feel that the AP classes are not worth their time, most of these skeptics just don’t know enough to make an informed decision.

So what’s the point of taking an AP course?

Taking it looks good to colleges, whether you do well or poorly on the end-of-the-year AP exam.

Being in the class shows that you challenged yourself.

Most of the teachers who teach these classes will be the first to tell you that it looks better to get an 80 in an AP class than to take an easier option and wind up with a higher grade.

There is also another upside to taking an AP exam: you might end up doing well and as a result get some college credit.

Racking up college credits might not seem like a big deal, but they can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in tuition charges and perhaps allow you to graduate more quickly from college.

The test is only $80 – dirt cheap compared to the price of a college class.

When you take an AP class, you are expected to take an exam at the end.

The AP exams are graded in number form. For example, you could score as high as a five or as low as a one. Typically, you need at least a four to guarantee college credit.

You could achieve a 90 or 100 average in the class itself, but the AP exam is what determines if you get college credit or not.

If you have a career that is related to these AP classes, it will also look good that you took an early interest in your future career choice.

Furthermore, you might take an AP class because you happen to excel in that subject, even though you might think you don’t want a career related to it.

Students have a lot to consider in determining whether taking an AP class is worth the time, since they can be demanding.

In general, however, AP classes could be the best thing you ever do in high school.

They could help you out so much and make college a lot easier — if you are prepared for it.

Monica Gleberman is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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