Careful with that vote!

Portland, Oregon, U.S.A – How do you make the right choice when selecting a presidential candidate to control your life for the next four years?

You could listen to the debates or compare your values, but for me, it is so much more than politics.

It is taking part in history, taking part in what our forefathers created for us, giving us the free will to choose the leaders of this nation.

That, my friends, is the most patriotic thing we can do.

The danger in this is trust. We don’t know if what Barack Obama or John McCain is saying will happen.

We often forget the power propaganda can have over our opinions. We must be careful to look in every corner to find any hidden liars before casting a vote.

Even though I am several years away from voting, it still means a lot to me.

So those of you that can vote, you have the power to choose who is in office. Please don’t make the wrong decision.

Brice Birdsall is a Junior Reporter from Oregon for Youth Journalism International.

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