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Celebrating Christmas in Ghana

A Christmas village display at a mall in Accra, Ghana. (Mayama Opare/YJI)

Accra, GHANA – Christmas, a festive season celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, begins on the 20th of December here in Ghana and ends in the first week of January.

In Ghana, people of almost every religion celebrate Christmas.

A typical Ghanaian Christmas fufu in apotoyowa. It is comprised of smoked chicken and smoked fish. (Mayama Opare/YJI)

There is merry making, carols and services are held at various churches. A play is displayed by children to commemorate the birth of Jesus.

Since it is a season of joy and happiness, entertainment programs like the big Afrochella music event and many more, including the xssence party for youth. These programs seek to unite Africans and display the rich culture of the land.

Youth gospel rock shows for young people give them a place where they are able to give thanks to God and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Christmas decorations are seen in the big towns, cities and social facilities. Those in schools and the work force are given a break from work to rest and spend the holidays with their families.

The airport entrance. (Mayama Opare/YJI)

In a Ghanaian local setting, fufu and chicken light soup is prepared and served in an earthernware pot and the whole family eats together.

After that, they visit their neighbors and present them with a Christmas gift.

On New Year’s Eve, most churches organize prayer sessions where people come to pray and commit the new year into the hands of God.

Mayama Opare is a Junior Reporter with Youth Journalism International.

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