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Cleaning Up The Evacuation Center

Hungry Jack’s sign pleads for help for staff members hurt by the flood

YJI reporter Nancy Hsu of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, answered the call for help after flooding ravaged her city.
She’s been collecting photos taken by Queensland youth for publication here, and has also done what reporting she could under difficult circumstances.
We now have this collection of photos to share that Nancy took herself the afternoon of Friday, January 14 in or near the Hillsong Church Evacuation Centre.
If you are finding this blog for the first time, or haven’t looked at it in awhile, please do scroll down to see more photos by Nancy and other Queensland youth and news stories by Nancy.
There’s more to come, so please stop back later as we will keep updating as often as we can.


Hillsong Church Evacuation Centre


Tiffany Wong, Lucy Wong and Nick Lim discuss an action
plan for packing up a room fillled with sleeping bags.


Tiffany Wong and Lucy Wong pack up a sleeping bag together


A room that once held blankets, pillows,
sleeping bags and toiletries is nearly cleared
The veranda of the evacuation center, with a red
bounce house jumping castle in the distance for children
Closed petrol station



UPDATE: Also see Nancy Hsu’s brief video at the evacuation center:

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