Fix Halloween Perspective

Cleavage-Revealing Costumes Cheapen Halloween And Women Who Wear Them

Delray Beach, Florida, U.S.A. – It’s that time of the year when pumpkins are carved, candy is freely given out, toddler
girls transform into Disney princesses, but most of all, it’s that time of year when innocent professions and adorable animals are adulterated. Only in America would the young “ladies” of a nation turn a favorite childhood holiday into an
excuse to purchase the most promiscuous outfit from Party City that they can find.

In high schools everywhere, adolescent girls adopt the concept of innocent animals – such as the mouse, bunny and kitten – and exploit it so that they can sport skimpy and provocative outfits and somehow pass it off as “cute.” Although once a quasi-family friendly holiday, Halloween has become one of the most perverted holidays our nation has
ever had the displeasure of seeing.
“Lusty Leopard” costume for sale at Party City for $139.99.
Although I cannot speak for everyone, I’ve seen teenage girls buy costumes that are about five sizes too small for them, suck in their stomachs and chests, and pull the ties of their cleavage-revealing corset strings to a rib-cracking extent, and – generally speaking – without passing out. It is a strange phenomenon when the same women who push for equal rights end up becoming the ones who willingly reduce themselves in this way. In doing so, they not only bring themselves down, but give their own personal blessing to everyone else to cheapen their value as well.
This obsession with corrupting a once-celebrated holiday for children has now become a commonplace commodity in
America. In fact, if you scroll through Party City’s website, the good people at Party City have devoted a whole section of their “adult” costume section to “Sexy Costumes.” Within this section, one can purchase, “Egyptian, Roman, and Greek Sexy Costumes,” “Storybook Sexy Costumes,” “TV and Movie Sexy Costumes” and “Superhero Sexy Costumes,” not to mention the section “Burlesque Costumes,” which is not currently included under “Sexy Costumes.”
It appears as though a girl’s extreme need to be noticed has been acknowledged by big businesses everywhere to offer
them all the tools to do so themselves. This corruption is evidently growing as the teenage girls are not the only ones acting immature, but adult women as well.
I’m not sure what kind of spell has been placed on our country to allow this disgrace to occur, but all of this just goes to simply say: Please ladies, do not wear your “sexy black cat” outfit tonight – you might just be degraded all the way down to tomorrow’s roadkill.

Cresonia Hsieh is a Senior Reporter with Youth Journalism International.