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Deep sea fishing off Rhode Island

Kevin Sun (YJI)

OFF THE ATLANTIC COAST, Narragansett, Rhode Island, U.S.A. – Deep sea fishing is really exciting.

It is a true challenge to reel in a fish like a tuna, shark, sea bass or bluefish.

Even though it’s hard, it’s fun, because once you catch the fish, you feel so relieved that you reeled in a big fish like that.

Kevin Sun (YJI)

I got a chance to try deep sea fishing for myself twice this summer with my grandpa, his friend and my brother.

The first time, we went fishing for tuna, marlin and shark, but it wasn’t as exciting as the second time because we only caught one small shark and one tuna.

But the second time we went out, we fished for sea bass and bluefish and we caught a lot of fish.

The annoying thing about bluefish is they fight really hard and they don’t taste as good as bass.

And that’s the good thing about bass. They don’t fight as much, plus they’re bigger and they taste better.

At first, the crew on Big Boy II doesn’t do anything with the fish that you catch. They just make sure it’s dead and throw it in the cooler. But when you’re going back to land, they fillet it so it’s easier to eat.

The bad thing about deep sea fishing is that you have to go really far into the water, which takes about half an hour, and also you have to travel to a lot of fishing spots. You have to be really patient.

When you have a fish on the line, you have to have a firm grip on the pole to make sure you don’t let go.

If you ever have a chance, you should try deep sea fishing.  I would suggest going for bluefish or striped bass, because you get quite a lot of bites and it’s really a lot of fun.

Kevin Sun is a Junior Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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