Halloween Notices

Don’t let us scare you


Meet Pat, our pet scarecrow. Pat took first place in the teen division of the Scarecrow Festival at Roberts Orchard this fall. Pat rocks. Never mind that Pat was the only entry in his/her category. Pat still rocks.

In the above photo, Pat is flanked by Tattoo staffers Merissa Mastropiero and Sarah Jordan.

This week, The Tattoo, a local teen journalism group that publishes on occasional Mondays in this fine newspaper, will make its mark at the Bristol Public Library’s Festival of Trees.

Look for our small tree in the children’s library and our bigger tree at the Manross branch in Forestville.

A lot of great groups take part in the festival, whether it’s providing music or decorating a tree, so be sure to check it out.

All of the trees will be up by Friday.

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