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Driving Along New York’s Erie Canal

Erie Canal (Mugdha Gurram/YJI)
UTICA. New York, U.SA. – The sun is out and the sky is blue as we’re making our way to Toronto.
We’ve been on the highway for about four hours but it really hasn’t felt that long.

It’s funny how, before a trip, we always pack tons of things to keep busy on the ride but we never end up needing any of them. It’s easy to look out the window for hours, spacing out and looking at the scenery.

Occasionally there are dreary parts, with stone walls surrounding the road and old factory-like buildings, but other times there are beautiful scenes.

Steel bridges crossing the Hudson River. (Yelena Samofalova/YJI)

In New York, where we’re driving right now on the Thruway, we’re surrounded by huge expanses of trees and farms.
It’s exciting every time we see a field with cows; not a common sight along highways in Connecticut, where we live.
We saw the Hudson River and have been driving along the Erie Canal, both incredible sights.

As we pass mile markers and various famous sites, we’ll continue to chat and just relax in our car. We’re excited to get to Canada, but we’re enjoying the ride there as well.

Chewy Dipps (Yelena Samofalova/YJI)

Along with the incredible scenery, our trip so far has also consisted of great conversations in the car. Jackie and Steve reminisced about their experiences in Auburn, New York, which added to the sentimental value of our next stop.
We learned about many of their great friends, whom we’re excited to be meeting for dinner later tonight. Until then, we’ll satisfy ourselves with eating Chewy Dipps and taking pictures of the beautiful landscape passing our windows.
Yelena Samofalova and Mugdha Gurram are Reporters for Youth Journalism International.