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Egypt Cheers As Mubarak Faces Trial

By Ghada Abdelhady
Junior Reporter

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt – Following last Saturday’s violent rally in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, many Egyptians felt deceived and neglected by the military forces with whom they had previously felt absolute harmony.
The military crackdown against demonstrators created a shockwave that left many angry and frustrated.
The protesters headed to Tahrir demanding the prosecution of former President Hosni Mubarak, but they returned home flabbergasted by the brutal reaction to their demands.
But it was clear that the military forces have been under a lprot of essure, too, after taking over the government. They showed immediate patriotism towards their country as well as their hope as citizens for a better tomorrow.

Still, there have been a lot of questions about why it took so long to start investigating the ones responsible for undermining Egypt for so many years. People started to wonder if the blood spilled for the January 25 Revolution was worth it.
Then Mubarak issued an audio statement claiming he had no accounts outside of Egypt and vowing to bring legal charges against anyone who accused him of treason. He said he had always sacrificed for his country.
That angered Egyptians even more.
But this week, prosecutors issued a formal request to question the former president and his sons.
With that, Egyptians could smile again with hope for justice to finally triumph. Everyone holds a huge grudge against not just Mubarak but also his family, his sons and his wife.
Now, as the investigation proceeds, Egyptians feel their revolution has been revived and that protests are finally paying off.