Fix Perspective

Egyptian Youth Need To Be Ready To Lead

By Ghada Abdelhady
Junior reporter

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt – We have the right to choose who rules us.
The youth of the January 25 revolution who declared Egypt a free country swear to keep it safe and to defend it to our last breath.
We will protect our land against the greed of authorities and never let anyone disgrace the country again.
Egypt has gone through a very rough period, but the next stage, requiring the creation of a new system, will likely prove much more difficult and critical than anything yet seen.
From a scientific vantage point, we are in a trial and error experiment.
God blessed us with people who were ready to do whatever it takes to fight the so-called villains, replacing them after 30 years of injustice and tyranny.
Youth should be concentrating now on building and developing Egypt by cleaning it, supporting its stock market, making donations and educating ourselves to be able to lead the country to its true position in the world.
The Friday protests should stop so can let the next stage flourish.
We have done our role. Now let’s wait and observe the reaction to our incredible, honorable action.
Freedom belongs to the people.