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Egyptians Head To The Polls

By Ghada Abdelhady
Junior reporter

“The referendum on the proposed amendments to the constitution of the Arab Republic of Egypt will take place on March 19, 2011” announced the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt — The March 19 referendum will not just allow Egyptians to vote Yes or No to the proposed constitutional amendments on eight articles. It will alsol open a vent to justice and begin a new era that will allow democracy to enter and flourish inside our Egypt.
All Egyptians, regardless their creed, religion, affiliation and beliefs, agreed on one thing: to VOTE, to make sure their voices could be finally heard after years and years of being set on mute.
Some of the January 25 youth coalition, which led the revolution, announced their disapproval of the constitutional amendments because they believe the current constitution – enacted in 1971 by our previous president, Anwar El-Sadat – is too corrupted to be fixed or reconstructed because it doesn’t limit presidential powers. They are seeking a new constitution.
But other Egyptians say they will vote in favor of the constitutional amendments Saturday based on the urgency of having the country settle down so it can focus more on the next steps needed. They are worried about the unpleasant effects aroused by the revolution, including thugs attacking neighborhoods, sectarian strife and the conflict that occurred when women were assaulted during a women’s international days march.
Sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for Saturday’s vote with inevitable impatience, it feels good watching history being made, putting aside my heavy heart aching from the grief that I won’t be able to take part in it.
Despite everything happening in Egyptians’ streets nowadays, we can see ecstasy in every face longing for change and fair elections.