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First day of high school turned out fine


School parking lot on a rainy day at New Jersey’s Middlesex County Academy in Edison. (Gokce Yurelki/YJI)

HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, New York, U.S.A. – As I woke up early last Tuesday, it was just a usual September morning, with the sun glistening and the birds chirping.
Then one of the scariest thoughts hit me like a hammer – it was my first day of high school!
At first I was so scared and apprehensive that I felt sick.
I felt like when I walked through the door I would feel as if I was nothing but an ant crawling through mountains of upperclassmen!
But through that fear came something that got me out of bed and out of the door, and that was determination.
I had the determination to succeed, the determination to make new friends, and the determination to make every moment of high school special.
As I kissed my mom goodbye and started to walk down the street, I began thinking of when I was younger and dreamed of this day.
I remember telling my dad when I was only in second grade that I couldn’t wait until high school. I’ve certainly had many adventures since then, but finally that day was here.
I was about to begin a new chapter in my life, and I was going into this experience a little bit blindly.
When I turned the corner to my school, I held my breath … and the entire senior class was there, welcoming all the freshmen into the school.
I was scared for nothing! In the end I had great teachers, I was confident, and I was beginning a fresh start!
A few tips helped me during my first days in high school:
You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so wear something nice and be ready for your classes.
Get to be friends with the upper classmen. Trust me, you will be happier with older friends.
Suck up to all your teachers. When it comes to grading time, you’ll thank me.
Be yourself. On your first day, be relaxed, have fun, and good luck with high school!

Luke Pearson is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International. YJI’s Gokce Yurekli took the photograph.

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