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Five survival tips for high school

West Potomac HIgh School, Alexandria, Virginia (Christine O'Hara/YJI)

BRISTOL, Connecticut, U.S.A. — Yup, I know what you’re thinking: Back to school, back to homework, teachers, tests and more.

It really does stink to go back, but here are five tips to help make it go easier:

Be prepared

Most teachers are going to expect a lot of you.

In order to be ready for whatever your teachers throw your way, get yourself prepared mentally, not just physically.

High school is like a job, except you don’t get paid. But, fundamentally, it’s just like middle school with a little extra work.

Find out about your new school

Most schools have a web site and it is usually easy to access. To find the site, you can always Google the school’s name.

School sites typically tell you about clubs, sports, after school programs and other activities that may appeal to you.

The more you know, the less scared you will be.

Map out your high school

You don’t want to get lost on the first day of school and be late to all of your classes. You want your first day to go as smooth as pie.

You can obtain a map from the office or your school’s guidance office.

Talk to your friends

Your friends may be going to the same high school as you and they probably have the same fears.

If you happen to be on a team for freshman year, I suggest you talk to some of your friends to see if they will also play on the team with you.

Friends are great to talk with — so don’t be afraid and talk to them.

Remain calm

Don’t panic.

You won’t get lost. You won’t forget to do your homework. You won’t forget to study for your test or quiz.

You will be the best student you can be if you try at all, and you know that is all that really matters.

If you do your best, nobody, including your teachers and your peers, will judge you harshly.

So don’t be nervous.

School can be fun – and will be — if you keep these tips in mind.

Christine French is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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