Happy Egyptians Celebrate Morsi’s Ouster

By Dina El Halawany

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt — After
four days of continuous effort and determination, all our demands are finally met
the crowds gathered in the Sidi Gaber neighborhood in Alexandria, we heard the
military had issued a travel ban on President Mohamed Morsi and some of the
Muslim Brotherhood. It also barred him from making political decisions.
been waiting for hours for the military’s speech before learning that Morsi is
no longer our president.

is finally free from a president who wasn’t good enough to lead it and who
never listened to the citizens or protected their rights
presidential elections and a new constitution were promised.
can describe the happiness the Egyptian citizens are feeling right now.
Throughout all Egyptian cities, people are dancing, singing and cheering.
Fireworks are lighting up the sky.
couldn’t feel more honored because we were capable of achieving what we’ve been
fighting for all this time.
we’re free from the people who were bad representatives for our country and our
religion. Egypt will finally go back to the way it always was: a land of
safety, freedom and united citizens no matter their religious faith.
all love this country more than anything, so we will always protect it and
fight for it. The 25th of January Revolution and this new revolt
proved to everyone that no one can stand in front of the great Egyptian
citizens who will never give up on their country.
will always work to make their nation rise.

all those honorable people who died trying to make a difference and standing
for what they believe in will always be in our hearts.

Photos are by Dina El Halawany, taken in Alexandria today.

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