From Tahrir To The World, YJI Is On It

Here are the stories YJI reporters have done since the start of the Egyptian revolution and the Arab Spring:
Inside The Egyptian Revolution (By Jessica Elsayed on Jan. 29, 2011)
Egyptians Pin Hopes On ElBaradei (By Jessica Elsayed on Jan. 30, 2011)
Egyptian Protestors Stand Firm (By Jessica Elsayed on Jan. 30, 2011)
Background Briefing (Interview of Jessica Elsayd by Pacifica Radio’s Ian Masters on Jan. 30, 2011)
Marching In Egypt: A Firsthand Account (By Jessica Elsayed on Feb. 1, 2011)
Reflections On A Day Of Peaceful Protest (By Jessica Elsayed on Feb. 1, 2011)
Egyptian Rutgers Student Has High Hopes For Her Homeland’s Future (By Gokce Yurekli on Feb. 2, 2011)
Mubarak’s Thugs Turn On Protesters (By Jessica Elsayed on Feb. 3, 2011)
Larson Calls On Egyptian Youth To ‘Stay The Course’ (By Celeste Kurz on Feb. 5, 2011)
Amsterdam Joins Anti-Mubarak Protests (By Caroline Nelissen on Feb. 7, 2011)
Two Weeks Into The Revolution (By Jessica Elsayed on Feb. 7, 2011)
Google Exec Inspires Egyptian Protests (By Jessica Elsayed on Feb. 8, 2011)
Photos From Alexandria, Egypt Protest (By Farah Nemr on Feb. 9, 2011)
More Photos From Egyptian Protest In Alexandria (By Miran Elleithy on Feb. 9, 2011)
Egyptians Won’t Give Up On Freedom (By Jessica Elsayed on Feb. 11, 2011)
Egyptians Celebrate Mubarak’s Resignation (By Jessica Elsayed on Feb. 11, 2011)
‘Egypt Got Its Soul Back Today’ (By Jessica Elsayed on Feb. 11, 2011)
‘A New Epoch of Hope’ In Egypt (By Lama Tawakkol on Feb. 23, 2011)
Egyptian Youth Reclaim Their Streets (By Jessica Elsayed on Feb. 24, 2011)
Libya Is The Latest To Catch Fire (By Jessica Elsayed on Feb. 24, 2011)
Cairo’s Christians And Muslims Unite (By Lama Tawakkol on March 1, 2011)
Egyptian Youth Rally Behind New Prime Minister (By Jessica Elsayed on March 5, 2011)
Schools Reopen in Cairo (By Lama Tawakkol on March 5, 2011)
Mixed Feelings On Opening Schools In Egypt (By Lama Tawakkol on March 6, 2011)
Egyptian Youth Need To Be Ready To Lead (By Ghada Abelhady on March 16, 2011)
Egyptians Head To The Polls (By Ghada Abelhady on March 19, 2011)
From Revolt To The Ballot Box in Egypt (By Jessica Elsayed on March 19, 2011)
Reporter’s Notebook: Emotional Intensity At The Egyptian Science Fair (By Ghada Abelhady on April 13, 2011)
Students Show Creativity And Brainpower at Egypt’s National Science Fair (By Ghada Abelhady on April 13, 2011)
Egypt Cheers As Mubarak Faces Trial (By Ghada Abelhady on April 14, 2011)
Video Commentary By Jessica Elsayed: Burka Ban (By Jessica Elsayed on April 15, 2011)
Osama Bin Laden Got What He Deserves, But What Comes Next? (Jala Ayman on May 2, 2011)
Skepticism And Hope In The Middle East (By Lama Tawakkol on May 20, 2011)
Obama’s Mid-East Speech Disappoints (By Jessica Elsayed on May 23, 2011)
These Times Have Shaped Me (By Lama Tawakkol on May 24, 2011)
Egypt: Six Months After The Revolution (By Lama Tawakkol on July 29, 2011)
At The Sit-In, Alexandria, Egypt (By Yasser Alaa on August 2, 2011)
Protesting In Alexandria, Egypt (By Yasser Alaa on August 3, 2011)
Egyptians: Correct The Path (By Yasser Alaa on September 10, 2011
Demonstrators: Loosen Military Grip on Egypt (By Yasser Alaa on October 2, 2011)
Protesters Fill The Streets In Alexandria, Egypt (By Yasser Alaa on November 21, 2011)
Alexandria, Egypt: A View Into The Tear Gas (By Yasser Alaa on November 21, 2011)
The Journey Back to Cairo’s Tahrir Square (By Lama Tawakkol on November 22, 2011)
A YJI Student Injured In Egyptian Protests (November 22, 2011)
Egyptian Revolution, Take Two (By Jessica Elsayed on November 22, 2011)
Tear Gas And Tents At Alexandria Protests (By Yasser Alaa on November 23, 2011)
Egypt’s Door To The Unknown (By Yasser Alaa on December 21, 2011)
Egypt Today: Violence, Confusion, Rumors (By Lama Tawakkol on December 23, 2011)
Egyptian Protests Continue (By Yasser Alaa on December 25, 2011)
The Girl In The Blue Bra Could Have Been Me (By Jessica Elsayed on December 28, 2011)
Egypt’s Revolution Isn’t Over (By Lama Tawakkol on January 9, 2012)
Proudly Tunisian And Part Of The Revolution (By Ameni Mathlouthi on January 15, 2012)

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