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These Times That Have Shaped Me

Lama Tawakkol
By Lama Tawakkol
Youth Journalism International
CAIRO, Egypt – Twelve years have gone by incredibly fast.
It seems like only yesterday when we were in our caps and gowns, graduating kindergarten. Now, we’re again in caps and gowns, ready to leave the place where we’ve grown up, the place that feels more like home than home.
Looking back at all the memories, I don’t want it to end. It is natural that one feels reluctant to change, but it is not the change that irks me – it is the thought of leaving this place forever.
Classes have ended and we only have a few days of finals left to go through together.
Can it really be over? I don’t think I even realize what that means.
It feels like we’re just ending a school year and we’ll be back again next fall. But the thing is: we won’t.
This truth will gradually sink in, and it is not until we’re actually getting our diplomas and throwing our caps in the air that we will be forced to face the fact that there is no going back.
Of course, with every end comes a new beginning and college will start and immerse us all into its life. Then, we will become accustomed to new places, new people and a new world with its own charm and magic.
Sooner than we realize, it, too, will be coming to a close and even though we won’t want it to as well, we will be embarking upon yet another chapter of our lives, one where we truly enter the world.
In a blink of an eye, we will find ourselves holding jobs, building families and maturing. It is the inevitable cycle of life. However, one thing remains certain through all of that: I will never forget the school days and the fun we’ve had together.
They are these times that have shaped me, and the people I’ve grown up with who have taught me more than I could ever have hoped to learn from a textbook.
So, to the people leaving with me and the people I’m leaving behind, to my friends and my mentors, to my childhood sanctuary, I say that goodbye doesn’t mean the end, because in every step of the way, I will remember you and I will always cherish memories and thoughts of you close to my heart.

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  • Even though I graduated last year,your article made me shiver,it's really full of hope and honesty..Hope that the new life that is waiting for you will be up to your expectations.