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Tear Gas And Tents At Alexandria Protests

Yasser Alaa /

Tear gas canister that police use on the protesters.

Youth Journalism International Senior Photographer Yasser Alaa, of Alexandria, Egypt, took these photos today.

After getting hit with tear gas Tuesday and then robbed of his camera, he rented another so he could return to the streets of Alexandria to document what’s happening.


Yasser Alaa /

A pro-democracy demonstration in
Alexander, Egypt on Wednesday, Nov. 23.

He’s okay, but he saw horrific sights and said today he feels as if he is living in a nightmare. He went to take photographs and had trouble because of the camera — he even apologizes to those who view the pictures as they are not truly representative of his fine work.

But the images are important all the same, he said.

He said there are thieves who come to the protests and act like bullies, provoking police to lash out.

When they do, he said, the thieves snatch mobile phones or other valuables. Many people are fainting from the tear gas, he said, and some of the demonstrators set up tents in Victor Emanuel Square in the Smouha section of Alexandria.

Yasser Alaa /

Tents set up in Victor Emanuel Square in Smouha.