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Macy’s Parade Kicks Off Christmas Season

NEW YORK, NY—There is no spectacle quite like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.
It is remarkable for its sheer magnitude, and its celebration of the American
Christmas, a most unusual concept. Through events like this, society tries to preserve our commercial Christmas (and Thanksgiving too, for that matter).
The impact of that commercialism can be clearly seen in the parade. It’s a bit disconcerting to think that a large Ronald McDonald balloon is considered by anyone to be a bringer of holiday cheer.
Nevertheless, the parade is great fun.
We were packed right up against the railing, smooshed in with all the others, many of whom were not New Yorkers.
We could see the floats right up close, and got to talk to the bands – college students from Miami University in Ohio and high school students from Colorado.
It was really amazing.
I always thought that the bands would have been full of super amazing music students, but they seemed just like regular kids.
One guy from Colorado, who had never been to New York before, said he already missed his mountains.
The most exciting part of the parade is seeing Santa on his sleigh, but it wasn’t quite the same this time as the first time I saw him at one of these parades. I think that this was because of my prime location. Before, I had been at the back of a crowd, and I only barely saw him, far in the distance—so it was really exciting.
This time, however, I was mostly focusing on getting good pictures of him and his reindeer for YJI’s readers. So take a look at them now – and enjoy.
Kiernan Majerus-Collins is a Senior Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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