High schools need to rock and roll

The Tattoo’s got a scoop today from America’s coolest deejay, Little Steven Van Zandt.


In a Tattoo exclusive, reporter Zach Brokenrope breaks the news that Van Zandt, a rock and roll legend, is planning to put the music that made him a star into the curriculum of high schools from sea to shining sea. Van Zandt is a prophet of rock ‘n roll, a true believer in the power of music to remake the world.


And as the guy who led the anti-apartheid music movement in the 1980s, which helped to free Nelson Mandela and South Africa itself, Van Zandt may be on to something.


In any case, check out the fabulous stories that Brokenrope brought back from Van Zandt’s New York City studio, where “Little Steven’s Underground Garage” takes to the airwaves each week. It’s great stuff, including audio clips and our first-ever Tattoo video.


This is great journalism on a great subject. Don’t miss it.



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