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“I Hope” is a song that sends chills

From Gabby Barrett's official Facebook page.

Roanoke, Virginia, U.S.A – Singer Gabby Barrett’s single, “I Hope,” off her Goldmine release this year, is great.

This new country/pop singer has definitely got it going on.

“I Hope” won Barrett third place on American Idol, but the awards didn’t stop. The video for the single won breakout video of the year at the County Music Television Awards.

I admire this song. It gives you chills down your back when you listen to it. Her voice sounds so smooth but bold, and I love how the electric guitars and piano just come together in the background.

“I Hope” really sounds like a song for somebody who just got out of a break up.

This song’s got a lot of powerful emotions. It may make somebody upset, mad, or any other emotion they may be feeling.

Barrett, with fellow singer Charlie Puth, performed a duet of the “I Hope” at the 2020 Country Music Association Awards this week.

If you didn’t watch it, you really missed one of the best performances the program has ever had. They were in great harmony together.

Many people noticed Barrett’s baby bump – she pregnant! So besides her song, she’s got a lot going on!

Makayla Newbill is a Junior Reporter with Youth Journalism International.

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