I joined The Tattoo. … Now what?

Good question!
Joining The Tattoo is free and pretty simple. We’re always eager to have talented teens join our ranks. But once they have, then what?
Well, it’s largely what they make of it.
We don’t sit around at Tattoo Central thinking up assignments to hand out hither and yon. We sometimes throw an idea or two out there for eager Tattoo writers/photogs/cartoonists to snatch up. But mostly we wait to hear from our vast network of young journalists. After all, they know much, much more than we do about what’s interesting in Michigan, Calcutta, Malta, Dublin and everywhere else than we do.
The best news stories — and features, sports and more — are pretty much in your own backyard or city block. What would interest your peers? What would make your teachers or principal take notice? What would your cousin in another state find fascinating?
If you’re in The Tattoo, give it some serious thought, then pitch your idea to us. If it’s dumb, we’ll tell you, politely most times. And if it’s good, we’ll say, go for it!
You can always tackle something simpler: a movie review, an opinion column, whatever.
One great way to get good ideas is to go back and read what Tattoo writers did in the past. Their work can inspire you today. And keep up with all the terrific material The Tattoo is publishing RIGHT NOW. You can learn an awful lot about writing, for example, by reading Samantha Perez’s Hurricane Journal or any of Zach Brokenrope’s many columns. They are gifted young writers who leave us astounded all the time.
In short, joining The Tattoo is the easy part. Making something of it is up to every member of our farflung staff. Seize the opportunity if you have it. Don’t just sit back and wait.

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