What’s in a name?

To make it a little easier to find this silly blog, we now have a new domain name for it: The old address will still work, but we’ll be using the new one from now on in case we get an itch to move the whole darn blog to another provider someday.
In any case, this name is simple enough to remember — and if you ever forget, it doesn’t much matter. There are links from The Tattoo’s home page that will take you right to this blog.
But I suppose the addition of a real name for the blog is an indication that it’s found a niche in our growing Tattoo Empire. But it’s still a teensie weensie sideshow to the real deal, The Tattoo itself. That’s where the real work is done, prizes won and sterling journalism showcased day in and day out. So get outta here already and go read The Tattoo at

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