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It’s not dandruff, it’s just a little dust


— 9th in a Series —

Wednesday, Oct. 28, 1998
There’s one thing about this construction that I can’t quite figure out. How, with a rule that prohibits the wearing of coats in school, are we supposed to avoid hypothermia in English class?

Believe me, it’s hard enough to concentrate on Mr. McMahon reading The Merchant of Venice with my fingers turning blue and my teeth chattering so loudly I can hardly hear it — as if I would
have any clue as to what “sooth” meant anyway!

— Natalie Minor, freshman, Bristol Eastern High School

November 4, 1998
Driving into the parking lot this morning, I find that the entrance to the side lot is now blocked off, that the front has a strip of dirt separating it.

Wow, now I found that the construction has found every possible way of disrupting my life. Not only must I make a journey out of my trips to class, but I also must go off-roading to get to my parking space.

— Collin Seguin, senior, Bristol Central High School

November 4, 1998
My day started off well. I was doing fine and hadn’t made any major mistakes. I was thinking about how good I was doing when dust particles started to fall on my head.

At first it was fine, but over and over again, that was when it became a problem. After thousands of particles flew into my hair my day was ruined. On top of all of that, my hair was dusty.

— Shaunte Miller-Ligon, freshman, Bristol Eastern High-School

November 4, 1998
Well, I’m in English, and about ready to act out a “dumb show.” Now, this would be hard enough, given my complete lack of acting talent, but now the banging in the background has made it
impossible to hear my teacher’s directions on play. At least when my performance comes up pitiful, I can just blame it on the construction.

— Collin Seguin, senior, Bristol Central High School

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