Joe Keo’s “Crashing in Cambodia”

In 2002, a sophomore at Bristol Eastern High School in Connecticut traveled to Cambodia, the country his parents had fled from during the terrible years when the Khmer Rouge slaughtered so many of their countrymen. It was his first visit.

His stories, available on YJI’s website for the first time in years, are a terrific glimpse into both Cambodia and a talented, engaging American teenager. That he could also draw some great cartoons was just icing on the cake.

Don’t miss his work, which includes a long story about his journey, another about his parents and that focuses on tourism in Cambodia.

Crashing in Cambodia

Fleeing terror, finding freedom

Travels in the Kingdom of Cambodia

This series initially ran on four full pages of The Tattoo, printed in The Bristol Press. There are links below the original explanation of the package to all four of the printed pages. Follow them to read a full-scale version of each page.

Page One.

Page Two.

Page Three.

Page Four.

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