Insider's Guide to High School The Tattoo

Join in, but be yourself

BRISTOL, Connecticut, U.S.A. — “Get involved!” said the counselors.
“Get involved!” said my parents.
“Get involved,” said the public service announcement in the middle of my favorite TV show, proving to me that there was no escaping participation.
So entering high school I took in my options. Desks with colorful construction paper signs lined the hallways of my school on the night of freshman orientation.
Join a sports team! Hmmm… I can’t run, have no hand eye coordination and although it’s yet to be scientifically proven, basketballs seem to be magnetically attracted to my head. Sports were not an option.
Picture yourself in the outdoors club! Good at following directions, I attempted to picture myself in outdoors club maneuvering my way down a rock-filled river. However what I actually pictured were the last few scenes of The River Wild. Outdoors club was not for me.
Have an adventure in ski club! I tried to snowboard once. I’m just glad the tree was there to stop me from hitting that rock. No more racing down frozen mountains for me.
Finally I ended up at a table devoted to drama club. This option seemed the least dangerous, so I signed the list, confident that I had gotten involved!
Now after my first year in the school drama program, I realized it is more dangerous than ski and outdoors club, but it was definitely the right choice.
So I guess they were all right. Getting involved is a good idea, and if there isn’t a club you see yourself in, you can always start one.
New clubs this year include the history club and head-bangers anonymous. These clubs prove that there is something for everyone, while the students who are active members of both prove there are still some teens who refuse to be labeled or grouped.
Yay individuality!

Molly Horan is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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