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Meet the Covid Mood team

A mask on the street in Rome. (Maria Dirce Rebecchini/YJI)

Covid Mood is a global project by Youth Journalism International examining how the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 impacted mental health among the world’s young people. Its 17 news stories and accompanying photos and illustrations are by 21 students from a dozen nations on six continents. Together, they interviewed 56 teenagers and young adults in 18 countries and mental health professionals from five different nations. All Covid Mood stories are accessible here.

Chuying Huo

London, Ontario, Canada

Reporter, writer, photographer, illustrator

Salma Amrou

Suffolk, Virginia

Reporter, writer, illustrator

Parnian Shahsavary

Tehran, Iran

Reporter, writer, illustrator and creator of the Covid Mood logo

Katrina Machetta

Spring, Texas

Reporter, writer, photographer

Erin Kim

Andover, Massachusetts

Reporter, writer, illustrator

Bilge Nur Güven


Reporter, writer, photographer

Alyce Collett

Melbourne, Australia

Reporter, writer, photographer

Daisy Wigg


Reporter, writer, photographer

Aileen Cevallos

Quito, Ecuador

Reporter, writer

Holly Hostettler-Davies

Bridgend, Wales

Reporter, writer

Manar Lezaar

Fez, Morocco

Reporter, writer

Lyat Melese

Alexandria, Virginia

Reporter, writer

Nisha Chandar-Nair

Lincoln, England

Reporter, writer

Rosie Evans

Liverpool, England

Reporter, writer

Lucy Tobier

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Reporter, writer

Aimee Shah


Reporter, writer

Purnima Priyadarsini

Bhubaneswar, India

Reporter, writer

Mariama Barry

The Gambia

Reporter, writer

Tahsina Nawar Adrita

Dhaka, Bangladesh


Nivetha Nandakumar

Cardiff, Wales


Maria Rebecchini



Editors who worked on this project:

Jackie Majerus

YJI co-founder

Story development, writing and reporting coach, editing and web presentation

Steve Collins

YJI co-founder

Editing and website presentation

Hila Yosafi, Esq.

YJI alum and dedicated volunteer from Connecticut. Covid Mood wouldn’t be the same without Hila, who read and edited the project and offered kind and encouraging words.

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