Covid Mood Featured Notices

Covid Mood examines the pandemic’s toll on mental health among youth worldwide

Covid Mood’s 17 news stories and accompanying photos and illustrations are by 21 students from a dozen nations on six continents. Together, they interviewed 56 teenagers and young adults in 18 countries and mental health professionals from five different nations. Here are all the stories:

Youth in pandemic: ‘I have felt my mental health spiraling down the drain’

Experts predict post-covid mental health epidemic

Covid’s impact on school: stressed students unable to focus

Sad? Scared? Don’t be afraid to get help

Eating poorly and stuck at home, youth struggle to stay healthy in the pandemic

Counselors: covid causing new mental health issues for youth, making old ones worse

Many youth kept or started exercise routines in the pandemic

Mental health counselors: humans need to be together

Social media is crucial when social distancing

Youth, mental health counselors split on whether ‘glowing up’ is healthy or toxic

Finding ways to cope with quarantine

Many youth following news of covid, others carefully avoid it

Strained family relationships make the pandemic harder to bear

Youth predict that post-covid, people will both need and fear each other

Living through history gets old

Therapists moved online to keep counseling in pandemic

Strategies for coping in a pandemic

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