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A new issue that we finished late Monday is now online — and full of great material from the world’s best young writers and photographers. You’ll find it at

The featured news story is the first written by Louisiana teen Kaley Willis, who rounded up the views of young people about the awful oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. They’re worried, of course, but take a look at their words and don’t miss Willis’ photographs of a still pristine section of the Louisiana coastline. Let’s hope it remains in its natural state in the weeks and months ahead.
Monday’s issue also has a travel piece by Youth Journalism International veteran Edrees Kakar about a visit he made to Dubai, which is quite different from his hometown in Kabul, Afghanistan. There is also a review by Yelena Samofalova and Mary Majerus-Collins of a new Tom Sawyer play that’s just finishing a run at the Hartford Stage in Connecticut. They liked it.
One new thing in this issue is that we also have translations of a recent news story by Samofalova about the plans for a World Youth Peace Summit in 2011. Three of our students — Eugenia Durante in Italy, Katie Grosser in Germany and Caroline Nelissen in the Netherlands — combined to offer translations of the story into Italian, German and Dutch. More translations are in the works.
That’s the sort of global reach that Youth Journalism International hopes to do more often.
And now, a request. Youth Journalism International is trying to secure some assistance through an online contest that you can reach by clicking here. It takes less than 30 seconds to cast a vote for Youth Journalism International. You can vote daily (every 24 hours) until Friday, when the contest ends. As a new nonprofit, this is the sort of thing that can really help Youth Journalism International grow and prosper.
Thanks so much for reading and for your support of the world’s best teen journalism since 1994.

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