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One Direction Contest Attracts Many Entries

We’re getting dozens of entries for our new contest that will give away a pair of luxury sky box concert tickets for One Direction’s Nov. 30th show at the Mohegan Sun Arena. Many of them are heart-wrenching.
Others give a real glimpse into why this British boy band is such a hot commodity. One girl, for example, wrote that its hit song “What Makes You Beautiful” convinced her she was not “the ugly duckling” she thought she was before. She cried for days when tickets sold out before she could buy one.
Others are pleading for tickets for their daughter, their sister, their friend, their cousin and so on. Some of their tales pull at the heartstrings.
We only have one pair to give away but we do have other tickets that are being sold to help keep Youth Journalism International growing and getting better. They are $375 each, with $300 of that cost a tax-deductible donation to YJI and the rest covering the ticket price.
We thought we’d ask if anybody who has the means but not the desire to see One Direction would like to buy any tickets to add to the giveaway. It would be an entirely tax-deductible contribution and sure to make some deserving young people very happy.