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Photo essay: a family visit to Bangladesh and touring world famous sites in India

A popular outdoor market in Karolbagh, in Delhi, India. (Chyonika Roy/YJI)

YJI’s Chyonika Roy visited her grandparents in Bangladesh and took in some famous sites in India.

Chickens run among trees on the side of a pedestrian walking area in Madapur, Bangladesh. (Chyonika Roy/YJI)
A pond in the back of the photographer’s grandparents’ house in Bangladesh that many community members use for recreation. (Chyonika Roy/YJI)
Driving during a traffic jam with no traffic lights or signs results in the crowding of various vehicles trying to go in multiple directions and leading to long road delays in Bangladesh. (Chyonika Roy/YJI)
The view of the Taj Mahal inside the city of Agra, India, also called the City of Love. (Chyonika Roy/YJI)
The Qutub Minar in Delhi, India (Chyonika Roy/YJI)
The bedroom of India’s first female prime minister, Indira Gandhi, at the Indira Gandhi Museum. (Chyonika Roy/YJI)
Ruins near the Qutb Minar and Iron Pillar, in Delhi, India. (Chyonika Roy/YJI)
After attending religious services, people sit and take in the view of the Ganges, a river with huge significance in the Hindu faith. (Chyonika Roy/YJI)

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