Portuguese celebrate their peaceful revolution

A banner telling about an exposition about the political prisoners during the dictatorship in Portugal. (David Carmena/YJI)David Carmena/YJI)

Coimbra, PORTUGAL – In the streets of Portugal, posts that commemorate the 25th of April are common.

They show different ways of celebrating the day, whether through organized events, demonstrations, or other forms of commemoration.

A banner asking for a demonstration to commemorate the 25th of April. (David Carmena/YJI)

The date is important to Portugal because it marks the date 50 years ago that the Portuguese military took over the government from a ruling dictatorship.

During this revolution no weapon was used, because all the military who owned one put a red carnation in the barrel of the gun.

Two posters announcing different cultural activities, a debate and a musical event, to mark the 25th of April. (David Carmena/YJI)

That’s why this flower is a great symbol of a wonderful revolution. This civilized behavior of the Portuguese demonstrates how things can be solved in a civilized way and without great violence 00 something that doesn’t happen often enough today.

Apart from the different activities that have been organized to celebrate this remarkable day, it is important to state that journalism was also affected during the dictatorship, when censorship was the main weapon for controlling the newspapers.

David Carmena is a Reporter with Youth Journalism International. He took the photos and helped write this piece.

Diana Helena is a Junior Reporter with Youth Journalism International. She helped write this piece.

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