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Young Egyptians flee from fetid fesikh

Fesikh, the offending fish. (Ahmed Elkhamisy/YJI)

EGYPT – While the ancient Egyptians are renowned for their work in medicine and mathematics, their culture still echoes in the smelliest ways!

On the 6th of May, Egyptians gather to celebrate Easter. Though it’s mainly a Christian holiday, it was also observed by the ancient Egyptians in celebration of spring.

A basket of Easter eggs. (Ahmed Elkhamisy/YJI)

Everyone of all faiths across the country crowds the streets carrying bags of salty, smelly rotten fish, also called fesikh. And without fail, the younger population of Egyptians stay locked in their rooms.

Fesikh is a dry, salted fish that has a really bad smell and is described by many as terrible.

It’s funny how divided the nation is over whether or not fesikh is truly horrible, or if everyone is just being dramatic.

The younger generation like us started to look for some alternatives that we can eat during this occasion, so many of us eat renga instead. Renga is a smoked, golden-colored fish that doesn’t have a horrible smell and is more easily accepted.

With the air outside smelling awful, many of us find we’re better off hiding under the covers than seeing the sun, even if it is spring.

Ahmed Elkhamisy is a Junior Reporter with Youth Journalism International from Mansoura, Egypt. He co-wrote this commentary and took the photos.

Jana Salama is a Junior Reporter with Youth Journalism International from Giza, Egypt, who co-wrote this commentary.

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