Notices The Tattoo

Psst! Get Tattooed!

If you are in high school and thinking about a career in journalism, consider joining The Tattoo.

This page was produced by local high school students working under the direction of Press reporters Jackie Majerus and Steve Collins.

Students include editor Jenny Jenkins and treasurer Bryan Pena, both from Bristol Eastern High School; Devin Kingsbury, Mike Kelley and Rose Mamie Kowalchuk, all from Bristol Central High School; Tracey Klimkoski and Geremy Wallace from Terryville High School; and Jill Synnott and Rachel Jennings from Miss Porter’s School.

If you want to get involved in this dynamic group, contact Majerus or Collins at The Bristol Press at 584-0504 x. 217 or at their home at 523-9632. [2018 note: These phone numbers are no longer valid. To contact YJI, please call (860) 655-8188 or write to]

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