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Putting Sept. 11 behind

View of Ground Zero from above. (NOAA)

NEW YORK CITY – Ever felt like not remembering something but everyone around is bringing it up?

I’m so cool and calm that I go on as if the attacks had never occurred.

I go to Manhattan often, but avoid certain areas. I have an excuse when friends bring it up: I’m asthmatic and the World Trade Center site will flare up my airways.

I live in Brooklyn and avoid certain people who talk about it. Sometimes I think they are trying to relive it.

That’s sick.

Sometimes we start on a different topic and end up talking about it. Whenever that happens I pop up, like a jack in the box, to leave.

I know Muslim young people and I think it’s wrong the way people try to hurt them.

My best friend and I are alike in opinions.

We also had the same reaction on Sept. 11. Later that day we danced around the topic, tired of it.

We wrote excellent reports for our teachers. We never talked about it other than doing homework assignments.

People think we’re trying to be numb to our feelings. We aren’t.

We just get tired of thinking it.

Sarah Francois is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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