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Simone Tucker’s Winning 1D Essay
The tickets above are the ones Simone Tucker won for next Friday’s One Direction show at Mohegan Sun. Youth Journalism International still has tickets for sale, so contact us if you are interested at (860) 655-8188 or write to



By Simone Tucker
Junior Reporter
HARTFORD, Conn., U.S.A. – It is incredible to
know that there are people out there in the world who are trying to help
others. The reason why I say this is because nowadays, it is really hard for
families to survive financially.
Money is a huge deal in our generation today.
I am being raised by a single mom, and although we both work our butts off, it’s
still quite difficult to afford luxury expenses such as concert tickets,
vacations, or other delightful adventures that are available.
I myself am a huge One Direction fan. I think their music is
wonderful and they offer such brilliant meaning through their lyrics.
My mom was actually the first one who showed me their hit “What
Makes You Beautiful,” when it came out on YouTube. I fell in love with them
instantly.  Before you know it, I’d
learned every word to their songs and every chord so that I could play it on
Let’s just say, I am quite the fan.
Even though there is a huge number of girls who are dying to see
One Direction in the luxury skybox at Mohegan Sun and a limited chance for me
to see those amazing boys perform, I would like to thank you for giving me the
opportunity to just try to win these tickets.
Thank you so much for allowing myself and other families who
can’t afford these tickets to at least try and win them somehow.

Youth Journalism International still has some tickets to the Nov. 30 sold out One Direction Show at Mohegan Sun available for purchase. If you are interested, call (860) 655-8188 or write to

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