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Springsteen’s bittersweet songs of freedom are a call to arms

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band perform at Chicago's Wrigley Field. (Frida Zeinali/YJI)

CHICAGO – The hum of the city transforms into anticipation and excited chatter. Outside, the sky hints at a beautiful sunset as a sea of concert-goers from all walks of life move in unison, all here to see Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band.

I can tell that I am on the verge of something special. I walk into the venue, Chicago’s storied Wrigley Field, with an open heart to embrace the experience.

Sunset behind the bleachers at Wrigley Field. (Frida Zeinali/YJI)

Springsteen’s music weaves a tapestry of universal themes. To me, his lyrics read like narratives of the human experience, echoing love, hope, despair, and the unwavering pursuit of one’s dreams. They stand as timeless reflections of our journeys. Tonight’s setlist is a testament to this.

“No Surrender” is an anthemic opener, inviting us to cherish the golden moments of mischief and faith in our lives. As the night unfolds, one song after another, it becomes a dance of life’s ups and downs; a reflection of their inseparable nature, how they go hand in hand.

“The Rising” helps me appreciate the unpredictable hand of fate in our lives. Springsteen has a unique talent for weaving the highs and the lows together.

In a world where music is either black or white, happy or sad, this bittersweetness is a relief. It’s both realistic and consoling — precisely what you crave on a lackluster day of existence.

Next up is “Born to Run.” Daring to dream, to question the established order, and to liberate oneself from chains of all manner. There was something incredibly reassuring about thousands of voices joining together in song.

I admire Springsteen’s reverence for freedom. It’s a reminder that we have the courage to shape our destinies, to chase our dreams without reservation.

His music is a call to arms, an invitation to embrace the rebel that resides within us all, to go after it.

Springsteen on stage at Wrigley Field in Chicago. (Frida Zeinali/YJI)

I thought of all the effort that went into that performance. E Streeters and Springsteen are the embodiment of dedication to one’s passion. None seemed winded at any point. No pauses to breathe in between songs. The sheer magic of a live performance that comes from such commitment transcends age and time.

In the end, Springsteen and his band delivered a night that went beyond entertainment; it was an experience of a lifetime.

Frida Zeinali is a Senior Correspondent with Youth Journalism International.

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