Insider's Guide to High School The Tattoo

Starting senior year

EDISON, New Jersey, U.S.A. – So it begins.
I’m a high school senior in the great state of New Jersey, US of A. Surely starting off my last year with gloomy skies and undesirable winds was not very pleasant, but I was glad to be back.
The school environment offers me the freedom to learn and express my thoughts. Teachers offer me knowledge and wisdom; friends, laughter; school, adventure.
Please, do not confuse me with a hyper, extremely fanatical teen. I do not have a school-obsessive disorder. Frankly, I am normal.
They say the senior year is the toughest, roughest, hardest, and most dangerous of all.
The curse begins. Yes, I do believe in superstitions. It is the year of hard courses, college applications, and prom.
I have calculus and physics and sociology and English and history. It’s a bit overwhelming. Honestly, I am not the most organized person in this planet.
Usually, I find my homework in my sock drawer or behind the stove.
This year, however, I’ve taken an oath to get help from a real professional – my mother! – who, I might add, loves to brag about her cleanliness. So that’s a check!
Next, college applications. It’ll be a burden if you don’t start quickly.
I’ve done part of my applications and I’m proud of it. The only thing left to do is mail them in on time!
But don’t worry, I have my calendars marked.
Lastly, senior year is the prom year. I’m on the prom committee and will be organizing this event.
If you aren’t familiar with prom, it’s an elaborate event designed for teens to put on their best attire and dance in lavish, fancy ballrooms. Many teen girls go crazy about it.
So it begins, and I’m ready.
Let’s just hope it will be a year to remember.

Gokce Yurekli is a Junior Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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