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SteelStacks loom large over Bethlehem

The SteelStacks set against the rolling skyline of the Lehigh Valley in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. (Beth Criado-Band/YJI)

The Bethlehem SteelStacks tower high above the city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. (Beth Criado-Band/YJI)


Steel workers used to climb these stairs to run the massive steel mills. (Beth Criado-Band/YJI)


Abandoned machinery inside the SteelStacks. (Beth Criado-Band/YJI)


While some of the site has been regenerated, parts of the old mills still look like they have not been touched since the day the Bethlehem Steel furnaces shut down in 1995. (Beth Criado-Band/YJI)


Visitors find beauty in desolation as the remains of the mills slowly decay. Here, the rusting pipes and towers of the SteelStacks stand in stark contrast to the clear blue Pennsylvania sky. (Beth Criado-Band/YJI)


Visitors can access the elevated walkway along the SteelStacks by elevator or stairs. (Beth Criado-Band/YJI)