Thanks, Groupon, For Helping YJI

Groupon’s G-Team in the New York City region is providing a boost to Youth Journalism International this week.

The charitable effort by Groupon provides a free push to get people to donate to worthy charities over a three-day challenge period. This week, they picked YJI.

So beginning on Tuesday, we had three days to get at least 60 people to donate at least $10 in order for the “deal” to be “on” so that YJI would get any funding from the effort. They have to use this link.

So far, thanks to many donors known and unknown to us, we have managed to come up with 54 of the 60 required. That’s pretty good, though not quite enough yet.
What’s really nice about this is that Groupon, a pretty big player in the world of the web, agreed to feature our little Connecticut-based charity this week and that so many have stepped up to the plate to help us.
Groupon gives us every penny the fundraising challenge takes in, which is a rarity online, and helped spread the word about how we’re giving a voice to students across the globe. It’s a wonderful thing and we are truly grateful for the honor.
We are also humbled that so many people are willing to lend us a hand. We know YJI does important work but we also know how hard it is for nearly everyone these days to dip into their wallets and pay for something extra. We aim, always, to honor your trust in us.
If anyone hasn’t donated, the Groupon link for YJI is open until 11:59 p.m. Thursday EST. But don’t wait until the end.