Insider's Guide to High School The Tattoo

The choice you make matters

Longyan, Fujian Province, CHINA – Mom sat down next to me and stared straight into my eyes. I immediately understood what she was about to ask. “So, have you made your decision yet?” she began.

I more than hesitated to respond. I was in a dilemma.

I was a high school student back then, ambitious and flighty. Despite the mountainous homework from the teachers, I indulged myself in writing. “That’s what I love to do most,” I’d boldly told my mom.

As a result, I was left behind in my studies with my grades declining and my attention distracted.

Wherever I went, my mind was wondering what should happen in the next chapter of my fiction.

“Facing you are two options,” my mom said, and not for the first time. “To give up your writing for school or to give up your school for writing.”

Mom was not cornering me like some other adults do to their kids. She was suggesting that by working hard on schoolwork I could earn a passage to a key university, where I would have my horizon broadened.

It was not a matter of obtaining a decent diploma, my mom told me, but a chance of seeing more of the world.

Night after night, I pondered her advice, until the moment came when Mom expected to hear a reply.

“Mom … I mean … you are absolutely right,” I concluded finally. “Maybe I could write better articles with time forging ahead, experience added. And I know that a bigger town would be a better place to seek inspiration.”

“And the simplest way is to do well enough to open the door to it,” she said, finishing my thoughts.

It’s been three years since that conversation took place. Thanks to my mom, I’m back to my writing and I got my admission letter from a top domestic university.

I’m glad that I made the choice.

High school is undoubtedly a challenging period, when you can’t help rolling into a lot of stuff. There can be more than a few occasions when you’ll find yourself confused and unsure what to do.

To get rid of the chaos, you will have to calm down and make a wise choice, one that will help pave a smoother way ahead, one that’s going to leave you unscathed and with no regrets.

Most important, it should be one that helps you pursue your ultimate dreams.

Zhu Qin Zhe is a Junior Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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