The Tattoo’s big in Poland today

The American Information Resource Centers at the U.S. consulate in Krakow publishes a monthly magazine, Zoom in on America, that aims to educate Poles about the United States and help them learn English. It’s mostly targeted at teens, our favorite group of people, and it’s pretty solid and professional.
But this month, Zoom in on America put out its best issue yet because it features … us!
Check it out here (in PDF form).
The May issue is devoted to “Youth Journalism in the USA” and covers the subject well. It helps, of course, that the front page focuses entirely on The Tattoo, the biggest and best writeup we’ve ever gotten. (The Harvard Advocate, a literary magazine, is the only other publication featured in the issue. It’s older than The Tattoo, and a tad more renowned, so we don’t mind sharing the limelight with it.)
We’re happy to get such a nice writeup. As an added bonus, perhaps we’ll end up with some new writers from Poland soon.

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