Insider's Guide to High School The Tattoo

Top 10 ways to avoid cheating

10. Attend all lectures, lessons, classes, tutorials and seminars available on the subject and do pay attention.

9. Read some relevant material other than your school books on the subject, but remember to read your school books too.

8. Prepare some notes on what might impress your examiners – take these from books, teachers, or some other relevant material.

7. Practice past papers of the exam you’ll be sitting for and set those time limits as well.

6. Ask in advance what is actually expected of you in the exam. Do examiners want to know your opinion or do you have to let go of that and state other people’s opinions? No matter how much you prepare, doing this simple thing sets you miles ahead of people who study endlessly and don’t know exactly what to do in the exam.

5. Memorize quotes and any other very important information.

4. Set up 2 plans for the exam:

· How much time you’re gonna spend on each assignment.

· If there’s a choice you must make, list those areas in which you normally do well so as to tackle them and those areas you never did well on in order to avoid them.

3. Review your past homework carefully. You may never know if something from that might crop up during the exam.

2. Study hard and prepare well beforehand. Study actively: read your study material and then close the book and try to write what you have learned in your own words to see if you have understood. Try to do this for every few paragraphs, pages or chapter. In some subjects, such as math, you need loads of practice, so minimize the time you spend reading notes.

1. Don’t be afraid! There’s no reason to be so. The exam is going to be on material you have tackled all throughout the year, and if you’ve studied, you’ll be rewarded.

Doing just one of the tips above might get you anything from a 100 to a fail. Some tips might just not be your style. But for best results, mix them up and use all 10. You might just get that A.

Maressa Zahra is a Reporter from Malta for Youth Journalism International.