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Want friends? Try sports!

Playing soccer in Peshawar, Pakistan: from left to right, Hamayun Hamdard, Qasim Attar and Edrees Kakar. (YJI)

PESHAWAR, Pakistan – Want to make friends? Try sports!
Sports offer real benefits for health, wealth and happiness in anyone’s life, even for non-athletes.
Sports are peace ambassadors between nations, ethnic groups and other different groups of people. Beyond that, they offer friendly entertainment.
Besides education, sports are the one thing that helps people stay on the right path. Any kind of sport makes the human body fit, which makes everything else we do easier.
Through tourism, hobbies and other kinds of businesses, sports can also provide jobs and help a country’s economy.
Because of this, I think everyone should take part in sports.
It’s a good way to have fun and make massive numbers of great friends – that’s why I call sports a peace ambassador.

Edrees Kakar is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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