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X Trials Primer


Simply put, BMXing is the sport of bike riding.

You know, the thing with two wheels that are held on with a piece of metal in the middle? Yeah, that thing that you have collecting rust in your backyard.

The actual meaning of BMX is Bike Motocross — and if you’re wondering what the difference is between the names, I have the answer.

The main difference between BMX bikes and its larger counterpart, mountain bikes, is that BMX bikes are intended for doing tricks so they are much smaller and lighter in size.

Mountain bikes, on the other hand, are primarily used for off-road terrain or as a means for transportation.



Whoever thought that riding a piece of wood with four wheels on them would become so popular?

Skateboarding, which is now at its peak of popularity among teens and young adults alike, has definitely made its mark in the world of sports.

Generating so many superstars in today’s pop culture, with Tony Hawk leading the way, skateboarding is a pioneer of many of the sports new trends.

The skateboard itself has such a wide array of moves that can be done on it to wow the crowd, which is why the sport doesn’t become redundant or played-out.

What also adds to the spice of skateboarding is the ability to ride it on the street and using any and everything as a prop to pull out some risky tricks.

Inline skating

Shoes with wheels, huh?

Well these shoes with wheels have gave many people all around the world much enjoyment for many years.

With both a men and women’s competition, it provides the sport with a wider spectrum of play and an array of stars for aspiring skaters to admire.

This particular sport is more about finesse and smoothness compared to other extreme sports. Many of the skaters hitting the vert ramps get major air while pulling some awesome tricks.

What you will see used most often during a competition is a large number of grinding tricks, and spin moves.

Sam Yosafi is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International. Jen Plonski, a YJI reporter, drew the pictures.

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