Columbine High School

After Columbine…

Youth Journalism International students started working on pieces within hours of the 1999 mass shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado. Here is some of what they did:

Killer friendship: Colorado shooter Eric Harris’ old middle school classmates remember a normal kid, By Amanda Lehmert and Jessica Majerus (May 17, 1999)

New drill: ‘Lancer Lockdown,’ By Merissa Mastropiero (May 17, 1999)

Could new safety plan be dangerous? By Joe Wilbur, Hila Yosafi, Merissa Mastropiero and Amanda Lehmert (May 17, 1999)

St. Paul plans video monitoring, buzzer system, By Courtney Pendleton (May 17, 1999)

Bristol chief: More cops not the answer By Joe Wilbur (May 17, 1999)

Kids who kill: school massacre raises fears, By Chantelle Garzone, Amanda Lehmert, Collin Seguin, Jessica Majerus and Laura Lindstrom (April 26, 1999)

Editorial cartoon: Students in fear, By Courtney Pendleton (April 26, 1999)

Slaying hits home By Natalie Minor (April 26, 1999)

Lots of questions, no answers By Chantelle Garzone (April 26, 1999)

It could have been anyone By Collin Seguin (April 26, 1999)

What’s worse: epidemic violence or apathy? By Kathleen Haynes (April 26, 1999)

Shooting a sick, new fad By Shaina Zura (April 26, 1999)

Consumed with hate, shooters need help By Jessica Norton (April 26, 1999)

‘If it wasn’t me, it wasn’t real’ By Laura Lindstrom (April 26, 1999)